Learn about Kom og Dans

Kom og Dans (Dance with Us) is an organization that organizes dance classes, dance parties, dance battles and dance trips. The work is based on voluntary efforts by more than 300 active instructors, and even more managers and resource people around Norway. Come and Dance are also big in Denmark and in Iceland and also have a ferry on the Faroe Islands. Our driving force is our own dance endeavor, and the desire for others to make it as fun as us!

Learn about Kom og Dans

Kom og Dans is not a member organization based on public support. Therefore, our dance environments do not usually work with member lists and membership fees.

All interested parties can only come and attend our courses and activities. If you take a look at our main site (Bottom link) In the county menu on the left, you will find links to local communities and clubs around the country.

Check if there is an environment close to where you live and contact you when you find interesting offers. At Come and Dance you can also hire an instructor for your own course in your local area. You can read more about  us at our main site (bottom Link)

Our value choice! At parties and events in Kom og Dans, no alcohol is served. Our "kick" is dance fun and the positive effect that people of all ages and societies can meet in a safe and social environment with nice people.

This is how adults, young people and children can participate in parties, campers, travel etc. One of our main motto has been: The dancer drinks less.

At our courses, you quickly learn the "code" which means that you do not need extra stimulation of rest to dare to dance and you will experience the best of dance when the "head is ready". We look forward to dancing with you too!

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