Swing / Rock'n Roll

Swing course at Kom og Dans after Johan Fastings Course Program, is an intensive educational program prepared on the basis of collected historical film and music material from dance environments across the country.
We use specially recorded music that provides good progress, making it easy for students to learn quickly and you learn to dance without counting steps.

Swing / Rock'n Roll

Our course plans:

Level I
Basic level  4 different courses with different tours and variations in addition to basic training in relation to music use. The basic courses can also be combined in a course series of approx. 6 times.

Rock`n Roll
Learn to dance to the short, cash waves of the music. Learn the typical of rock`s roll dancing based on the go-around.

Learn to dance swing to the Norwegian dance orchestra tradition. Here you will learn the most used swings.

Learn to dance swing after slow swing music. What you learn at this course is important to dance sliding swing shapes, the very varied shapes with a host of exciting tours (for example, tours with one hand)

Bygdeswing  (typical Countryswing)
Also a course with swing in the dance band tradition. This is the course where the girls learn to "fix" into the dance and improvise while the boys learn technique that can then be used to cope with two girls at the same time.

Level II
4 different courses at Start Higher Education, which build on the basic courses.

Level III
Level with an infinity of possibilities and tours and compositions. The instructors choose from many different arrangements.

Level IV and V
Teame Level - a level of specialization in styles in relation to music and playing style.



"The Real Rock`n Roll": fast and cash rock with touch. The dance style requires you to balance well. Simple tours, but good technique Rock'n Roll Shapes We distinguish between goose bumps and fall rock shapes. The gÄrock forms are in courses such as. vid. Level (Level III). Case forms are taught at level IV. The music that developed these dance forms was often called a dancer and laid the foundation for the wide Rock's Roll Dance and Swing Dance tradition. Most advanced styles combine the subtle and non-subordinate use of the music rhythm in dance. These are the styles of swing dancing that offer the widest variety of tours, giving the dance great challenges in terms of technique and choice of technique Offers compositions and variations. This is a dance to the music tradition, as most dance groups have a large repertoire of blues. We want to experience the intense nerve of the blues. Learn to interpret the long wave in blues in combination with go and fall technique. Challenging tours and techniques on course in "Blues Boogie", Boogie Woogie, Jump Boogie, Shuffle Swing Forms This is a light floating submerged swing wounded rock and fall. This is a dance for the Norwegian-Swedish visual tradition of music under the influence of, among others, Fats Domino. These are full speed turns, countless turns When country music is influenced by rock'n'roll, we often get special styles of dance style. These are the "most common" swing patterns that we know throughout the country. Here we find forms that use both goform and fall shape and combinations thereof.