How to Swingdance

Swing dance is an easy-to-play fun dance form that has many variants. The music goes 4/4 and we move relative to it. Swing is an improvisation dance that is not choreographed at all.

How to Swingdance

How to describe the dance:

Swing dance or swing is a common name of several pair dance that are being danced as both competitive dance and social dance across large parts of the world. Swing dance is a dance form that came along with swingjazz in the 1920-1930 century in the United States.

Swing dance as an international phenomenon is especially related to the prevalence of Rock'n Roll music from the 1940s. Some swing types are standardized and are taught at dance schools, while others are popular forms that are mostly learned through social dance. Folkswing is also called a 4-stroke swing and is a Norwegian dance created on the basis of swingdance and folkdance. Outside the major cities, this is the dance most Norwegians associate with the term "swing". The tours often go up to 4 strokes, that is, a beat. Dance pedagogue Johan Fasting, based on collected material from all over Norway, has made a form of Norwegian folkswing, and his course activity is widely used throughout Scandinavia. This form, as said, is mainly based on studies of tradition dancers. The swing course at Kom and Dans after Johan Fasting's course is an intensive educational program based on historical historical film and music material from dance environments across the country. We use specially recorded music that provides good progress, making it easy for students to learn quickly and you learn to dance without counting steps.

Easy to learn - easy to dance