Life is better with Dance in Bodø !

Kom og Dans Bodø (Dance with Us) invites you to dance with us, or learn to dance our dance styles, clever instructors do the dance

Kom og Dans Dance with Us.
2017-12-1512:49 Laila Lovise Johansen

Dare to take the challenge?

The vast majority who come to us have an expressed desire to learn to dance ... swing in the main but also other dance styles. (see dance styles).

Nevertheless, from time to time, there are someone that is more or less forced there, because the partner wanted it. Most of them probably have a little desire, but are unsure of their own skills .... let's say right away, we have good instructors all over the country who meet You in Bodø as well.

Yes we have such good educational programs that it is almost a dance guarantee behind the courses. It has therefore been shown in several cases, that those who had the greatest concerns about their own skills became the best dancers .. that's why our course of the champion - READ OUT - EASY TO DANCE - nothing taken out of the air, our experience is just that.

Take the challenge on tight arms and join a nice environment where all levels of dance together.

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